Betfair best betting sites

Betfair is the best betting exchange. The company was founded in 2000 and its headquarters are located in London. The special thing about Befair is that bets are exchanged between people, not between user-bookie like the normal bookmakers. The betting exchange charges small commission on winning bets to make profit. The more you bet, the less this commission is going to be. Strongly suggested to people who bet big, there are no limits. Reasons why you might want to use Betfair:

  • The best odds you will find online. Especially if you like to bet on underdogs. 
  • Back and Lay buttons, back meaning you back your selection. Lay meaning you bet against it. Example - I back a draw in the match Manchester United - Leeds. I win my bet if the match ends draw. If I lay the draw I win my bet if the match doesn't finish draw.
  • Live betting is also covered very well at Betfair.  
  • There is also normal bookmaker which you can use with the same account, its your choice if you want to use the exchange or the bookmaker, or both.
  • Payment options include: credit/debit cards, bank transfers, neteller, skrill, paypal(not available for all countries), web money and paysafecard and more.
  • Good casino and poker, available with the same Betfair account.
  • Good live streaming service, which you are able to watch in full screen. Mainly football, tennis, horseracing and greyhounds are streamed.

Reviews of the Best Betting Sites

Not all betting sites are created equal. By reading our reviews you will be able to decide which website is the best for you. The most important thing when choosing a betting site is to stick to well-known ones. Don't jump into newly opened bookmakers, they might be good, but it's not worth the risk. The account opening bonuses are not so important, you are going to use that site for long time. A 20$ free bet is nothing, compared to solid bookmaker who will always pay on time your winnings and good customer service, ready to answer your questions.

Bookmakers security practices

All bookmakers use Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, or in short HTTPS, all self-respecting websites should use this protocol, but especially betting sites. All of the data your browser sends and receives is encrypted, which ups the security. All of the secure bookmakers will ask you to give id card, passport or driving license scan. This is to make sure someone is not using a fake name and money from stolen credit card. Sometimes utility bill to prove your address is also required.

The bonuses and free bets in online gambling websites

Why the bookmakers give free bonuses? The answer is to get new customers, people are usually attracted by free bets. I do not think that you should pick a betting site because they give good free bet. Don't understand me wrong, all the bookmakers give free bets, but the most important is to choose a secure and safe bookmaker.
Anyway, back to the point - when you receive a bonus from bookmaker or casino you are required to wager that amount few times before you can withdraw. You can read how much you need to wager in the terms and conditions when accepting free bet. For example, I receive 20$ free bet and the wagering requirement is 5x times. It means I need to make 5x20=100$ total bets before I am able to withdraw.

Safe and Responsible gambling

When betting online you need to be self responsible. Do NOT bet what you can't afford to lose. Manage to do this and you will spare yourself gambling problems. You can put a limit on your account on how much you can bet per month. Doing so will stop you from spending enormous amounts.

Are all online gambling sites fair?

The answer to this question is definitely No! There are some betting sites which are not regulated well and you may end up getting tricked. Sticking to trusted and well-known bookmakers will guarantee you no problems. If you are unsure about something you can always ask at one of the best betting forums online. We have linked them up in the top menu.

What is the minimum bet online?

In most of the sites it's 1$ or the equivalent in your currency. Another question is how much can you bet maximum online, in most of the cases there is no limit, but Betfair is the true king of no limits. Because of its status of betting exchange, you don't bet vs the bookmaker, but vs other people. The odds are also better than in a traditional bookmaker. There are some markets where astronomical amounts of funds are bet.

What are prop bets?

Prop bets are very different compared to the normal bets. Usually they are pure luck. Like which team will make the first foul. Which team will get the first corner.

Winning rate

What winning rate will elevate you to being profitable from sports betting? Anything over 50% is good, but if can manage to make over 55% in the long run you will be able to win money. If you are betting few euros per bet, it will take long time until you have solid winnings, but if you have big cojones and bet amounts over 5000 euro or even more, you will be already profiting big money. This leads to the next question.

Can you quit your job

Even if you are successful for few months, it's a big risk to put all eggs in one basket. Even if you are making thousands, sports betting is risky sport and one day you may pay the price for quitting that job.

 Having multiple betting site accounts

This is a good choice, because you are able to take a look at the odds at multiple sites and decide where it's in your best interest to place your bet. Sometimes the odds differ throughout different bookmakers. They also have different kind of bets. Some type of bets will better suited to your strategy.

 What types of sports can I bet on?

The most popular ones are: Football, american football, tennis, golf, basketball, cricket, handball, baseball, winter sports, olympic sports, horse racing, greyhounds, motor sports, snooker, hockey futures, Aussie rules, boxing and other fights, politics and even e-sports. I may have missed some due to the large list.

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is a bonus which you can get without depositing. Do not think that you can easily withdraw it, usually this type of bonuses have wagering requirements which are too high. I don't like this type of bonuses. It is usually just a way for the bookmakers to get new players. 

 Best Betting sites for Football and Tennis

They have the largest selection of bets for the most popular sports. The live betting in these sites is world-class, there are so much selections that you will end up wondering what to bet on. The live streaming is also good as we already mentioned in the reviews. Betfair also has a cash out button which allows you to cash out winnings before the match has actually finished!

How long does a withdrawal take?

How long a withdrawal will take depends on your withdrawal method. Usually the best betting sites process withdrawals on working days. A withdrawal to internet wallet is going to be fast, from 1 hour to 1-2 days usually. A withdrawal to bank account or debit card takes usually few days to complete.

In the end

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